Good Time

It’s a Good Time to Be Alive


A few weeks ago I was sitting at my father’s house, and he put down his laptop and stretched his arms. He then looked and said “It’s good to be alive.” This is a phrase my father loves to say, usually after finishing a video game of some sort. All I could say was “yes, it is.” Then I began to think from a tech standpoint; it really is a good time to be alive.

Over the next few months I will be looking at six different things going on in technology and discuss them briefly. The first will be the growth of streaming services. We have come a long way from Netflix mailing DVDs. The others will be the growth of broadband and wireless: new Chipsets and CPUs from Intel, new GPUs from AMD and NVidia, Flash and Web Storage, and finally Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Office 365.


All of these deserve more than the briefs I am going to give them, but I will cover the main points, and if there is demand I will happily go in to more details about any or all of them.