A Case Study


Hi and welcome to December’s Tech Times. I was planning on writing about Windows 10, but I have not done all the poking and playing with Microsoft’s latest OS to give a good review. So I thought and thought and look at my PC, well its case anyways and then I knew what I was going to write about….




A Case Study


 Does size matter?


I have been building computers for over 20 years. In that time I have seen all sizes, shapes and colors of computer cases. Why do some people want large cases, or small cases? Do most people really care?




Well as far as most people go now a days they do not want some large case. That is seen it the rise of the All In Ones (AIO), and tiny PCs like Intel’s New Unit Computing (NUC). The clear advantage of these is they are small. The disadvantages are they lack versatility and any add ons have to be external.


Then there are Small Form Factor (SFF) cases. These take up more space than an AIO or NUC, but not much more and add the ability to have several Hard Drives, or even a higher ended video card for gaming or CAD.


The next size up is the work horse of the PC world, the traditional Mini tower or just the tower. These use mATX motherboards and have space for just about anything a PC user will need. There is plenty of space for cards and drives, as well as being able to use more powerful power supplies. They are boring, but they are there to do a job and they shine at it.


The last size is the vaunted Full tower. These are beasts, often 2 to 3 times larger than a Mini tower. This class is usually reserved for Workstations, Gamer rigs, and enthusiasts. There is space for several video cards, and more drive bays and fan mounts than anyone could use.


So where does that leave us? Well for most of us an AIO, or Micro PC will meet all our needs, but with miniaturization comes a higher price tag. For those looking for the cleanest look these are the way to go. The SFF style is ideal for offices, labs, and schools, as they take up a small footprint and have a good price point and allow for future upgrades or add-ons if the need arises. If you’re like a lot of us then it falls to the traditional tower. The least expensive of all cases and the ability to add on till your blue in the face. The full tower, like a full sized pickup truck, or high end sports car has its place. Just not for most of us. In the end it’s what you are happy with and willing to pay for.