7, 8, 8.1, 9 ? What Its 10?

7, 8, 8.1, 9 ? What Its now10?

Hello again and welcome back to Tech Times. This time we will be going over the differences of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. As well as looking at the preview info on Windows 9.

For starters Windows 7 is nearing its end of mainstream support, January 13 2015. But the extended support is slated till January 31, 2020. So to all the doomsayers can just calm down. Windows XP was under extended support from April 14 2009 till April 8 2014, and the world did not end.

Next up is the Metro interface. This was Microsoft's ambitious plan to unify the interface for all 3 devices, PC, tablet, and phone. I will not lie, it's great on phones and tablets. But most people did not like it on PCs. In 8.1 Microsoft added more support and features on its traditional desktop, but kept Metro as the default interface (you could change it to the desktop if you choose to).

The chart below covers what I felt were the key differences between 7 and 8.


Feature   Windows 7 Windows 8 


XP Mode

32 and 64 Bit

DVD play Back 

Media Center

Able to read ISOs

Microsoft Security Essentials

Any Time Upgrade 

 Traditional Desktop

Yes (Pro and Ultimate Only)


 Yes (Home Prem, Pro, And Ultimate)

Yes (Home Prem, Pro, And Ultimate)


As a free Download



Metro and Limited Desktop 

No ( but Pro does have Hyper V)


 No ( Available as part of the Media center pack for $10)

 No ( Available as part of the Media center pack for $10)






 After looking everything over, the two OSs have more in common than not. There are free utilities to allow for reading ISOs, the media pack is there if you play DVDs on your device, and Stardock's Start8 gives 8.1 users a Start Menu that resembles Windows 7. So in the end I feel that either desktop will work fine for most users, it may just require some tweaking.

Now on to Windows 9, or maybe they will just call it Windows. But here is what I know: it will be coming out in 2015. Everything else is speculation and leaked info, which is not always reliable. Well the Charms bar is gone. A normal looking desktop if you do not have a touch screen device. The Start Menu looks like a cross between 7 and the Metro interface.

But that is all speculation. We all will have a better ideal on September 30 as Microsoft will preview Windows 9. I look forward to seeing the next OS from Microsoft.


Added 10/2/14

I did not see that coming. The next OS from Microsoft will be Windows 10. Microsoft said it "wouldn't be right" to call the new version Windows 9 given its importance. But what is in a name. I plan on installing Windows 10 and taking it for a test ride see what I think and see how everything looks and feels. But that will be a later article.