Storage Servers featuring iSCSI / NAS functionality powered by Open-E Data Storage Software


The Solidium® Storage Server line offers two basic configurations with a common core, 12 3.5" drives for maximum capacity and 24 2.5" drives for maximum performance.  The common elements include a redundant, hot swap 750W power supply system, the Intel® S2600IP4 Server Board, a maximum I/O server board supporting two E5-2600 family processors, and up to 512GB of RAM. Disks are managed by a SAS hardware RAID controller with 1GB cache, 6 Gb/s supporting RAID levels 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60. RAID Cache backup, hardware drive encryption, and a Trusted Platform Module are optional on this platform to meet security needs.

Raw capacities range up to 48TB for the 3.5" model and 24TB on the 2.5" model, which results in maximum formatted capacities of 32TB and 20TB, respectively, in RAID 60.

Open-E Data Storage Software supports active-active failover which, especially when combined with 10GbE fiber adapters, allows for extreme reliability.
  With 4 gigabit Ethernet NIC's on the server board itself, the native bandwidth is very good.  However, the S2600IP4 offers 7 PCI Express x8 and 1 PCI Express x4 low profile expansion slots supporting up to quad port gigabit and dual port 10 gigabit Ethernet adapters.  Thus truly impressive levels of bandwidth are achievable.

 Please contact us for detailed configurations to meet your needs.