5 Steps of Recycling

Columbus Micro 5 Step Recycling Program

Asset Management Made Easy

Once the Release of Liability and Certificate of Destruction are filled out, the 5-step recycling process begins:

Step 1: Pickup and Transportation 

There is no fee associated with the pickup without outstanding conditions. However, removal of equipment is of travel is currently limited to the State of Ohio. If travel is required outside of Ohio, please call us in advance.

Step 2: Inventory Record Keeping

Record keeping is important to ensuring both the customer and Columbus Micro have the correct electronic assets. Record keeping includes:

        • Equipment type
        • Asset Number
        • Serial Number

Step 3: Dismantling/Component Recovery

Each unit will be carefully disassembled, and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and if they contain hazardous properties.

With full compliance from the EPA, clients have the option of receiving a full list for all materials passed through the recycling process.

Step 4: Data Destruction (optional)

We will erase the data from your drives using one of the methods below.


Method 1: Complying with the Department of Defense (DoD) standard of data wiping, Columbus Micro erases all data from the hard drive and restores the hard drive to default factory settings.

Method 2: Drilling holes in the hard drive platters in such a manner that prevents further access to the platters. The information on the hard drive is destroyed as the platters no longer are whole.

Method 3: Involves sanding the platters using an industrial sander. The hard drives are shred into small pieces and shuffled along with other components of shred drives.

Method 4: Chem-Erease uses acid to destroy the hard drive. The most secure and absolute sure method of destroying data. Hard drives are taken from a solid state to a liquid state and information is absolutely not able to be salvaged.


Data Destruction Fees




Method 1: 
0’s and 1’s to Drive



Method 2: Drilling



Method 3: Pulverizing



Method 4:


***Chemical Erasure is the only method that absolutely destroys all possible traces of the data. In Drilling and Pulverizing, it is possible to glean small insights from the material waste, but with chemical erasure it is surely impossible.









Step 5: Credit

Issue of Credit: 

Columbus Micro has developed a set of benchmarks for determining whether or not selected items have value. Please keep in mind that our benchmarks are dynamic and can change on a day to day basis.

Please keep in mind not all items accepted will qualify for a credit however you will never pay us to have any items hauled away. A credit will depend on many factors of our benchmarks, for example, a working or non-working unit, the condition of each item, the age of the item, quantity, etc. Please feel free to call us to discuss our methods of benchmarking in detail. Any credit given is good for anything that Columbus Micro offers, including service and support.

One Stop Destination: 

Full service solution designed to meet the requirements of assisting you with technology disposal. We are confident that there is no other program like ours and we guarantee you a hassle-free experience and a rewarding return on investment.