About Our Company

Columbus Micro Systems, founded in 1987, was envisioned as an alternative to the IBM PC. It has subsequently grown to become a premier provider of PC compatible systems for a whole generation of computer users in the Central Ohio area. Like many computer companies of the 1980's our beginnings were humble. Housed in a stone cottage and barn, systems were marketed in the day and assembled at night. The business has grown steadily and is now housed in a modern production and service facility in Northeast Columbus.


Columbus Micro Systems starts with the best components available, from top name manufacturers. We then test those components for compatibility and performance.


Our exhaustive analysis and testing produces, what we believe to be, the best balanced system that money can buy. One look inside our "case" and you will understand what measures we use to produce the product that bears our name.

Quality Control

Our highly trained technicians assemble each system to the customer's specifications. Each system is then given 48-hours of automated diagnostics before being checked personally by a quality control specialist. We provide a detailed quality control record for every system we manufacture.


Columbus Micro Systems is dedicated to providing leading edge technology and supplying only the highest quality systems. Our commitment to making emerging technologies accessible to our clientele is the foundation of our success. As we move into the future, we will continue to expand to meet all of our customers' technology needs.